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5 Yoga Poses To Overcome Burnt Out While Staying At Home

We might be warming up to new realities due to COVID19. The number of people working from home has increased, and we can’t see the numbers decreasing either in the future. 

With all of these happenings and probabilities, you must not be stressed while staying at home, working all day long without a way to free your body and calm your mind is also not advisable. You won’t even be productive with a tensed body and if you feel uncertain. So, what can you do?

Revisit your yoga lessons! This time, you can even do it at home - without your instructor. How?

We have a list of five basic indoor yoga exercises. Even better, we include the snackable steps to start these workouts. Have a look!


Balancing Pose

Popular name: Santolanasana


  1. Strike a sitting meditation pose - preferably the dog style but downwards.
  2. Next, shoot your torso to the front, keep your hands at 90° to the floor, and inhale.
  3. Try to align your shoulders to your wrist on a straight line. While in the act, ensure that your fingers lie on the floor.
  4. Now, retract your inner arms while lowering your knees on the ground.
  5. Afterward, keep a straight head and look at the ground. Maintain that pose for 3-5mins. However, remember to reduce the pressure on your eyes and throat.

Pro tip: the balancing pose aims at your core muscles. It works best for your spine and nervous system to induce a sense of positive energy.

Boat Pose

Popular name: Naukasana

Boat pose is arguably the most convenient yoga routine on our list. Even at that, it's most effective for all kinds of fitness needs. See how you can perform one at home:


  1. Spread your yoga mat on the floor, sit on it and ensure you adequately extend your legs.
  2. Next, redress your torso backward while bending your knees.
  3. Afterward, stretch your arms to the front. At this point, adjust your legs to make a 45°.
  4. After attaining the pose in Step III, keep a long stare at your nose. Wait 3-5mins, then release the pose while you exhale.

Pro tip: boat pose works virtually for the entire body. The juice of it all is the weight-loss functions. Also, this routine relieves drowsiness.

Humming Bee Breath

Popular name: Brahmari Pranayama



  1. Keep your spine erect in the most comfortable pose.
  2. Now, engage your fingers. Use the ring & thumb to close your mouth. Then, you use your index to do the same to your eyes.
  3. Afterward, take deep breaths with your unclosed nose. Almost instantaneously, breathe out with a hmm sound.
  4. Now, repeat the earlier processes three more times.

Pro tip: do humming bee breath to enhance concentration. The routine also aids vocal coordination.

Mountain Pose

Popular name: Tadasana


  1. First, stand firm while keeping your arms beside your torso. At that point, inhale just a bit.
  2. Now, stretch out your arms, raise them to the top of your head, and lock your fingers.
  3. Next, stretch the locked fingers upwards while standing on the tip of your toes. Since you might not be an expert yet, only raise your heels.
  4. Breathe and continue doing Step III.
  5. Now exhale, stand on your feet, and release the interlocked fingers.

Pro tip: mountain pose is best for the muscles around your ankles, abdomen, feet, and thigh. It also enhances posture formation.

Side Plank Pose

Popular name: Vasisthasana


  1. First, start with the balancing pose.
  2. Now, keep your left hand on the floor while you lift the right side.
  3. Next, tilt your body to the right. While doing that, cross your right leg over your left.
  4. Afterward, let your right arm go above your head while you stretch your fingers straight.
  5. Now, check your pose to align your arms and shoulders. Also, your feet, heels, and knee should be in contact.
  6. With that done, you can now tilt your head towards your right hand. And hold the pose for 3-5mins.
  7. Now, repeat the processes (I-VI) for your left-hand side.

Pro tip: side plank pose is the best exercise to work your arm. For that reason, it also helps the core muscles of the body.

Now, with the listed five exercises, you can stay indoors and keep your mind and body fresh. However, do well to invest in efficient yoga mats. Else, the whole routine might not be convenient for you.

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