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7 Ways A Massage Gun Helps You

Ever considered buying a massage gun and don't know what benefits to expect? You want to save money visiting spas; at the same time, you want to be sure you're making the right investment.

Good news: we have the top 7 ways a massage gun helps you in this post. Have a look!


Enhances Recovery Time


Massage gun adapts the percussive system of working up the muscles. The process starts with contraction, where your tissues undergo rigorous and careful lengthening and strengthening.

Through muscle contraction, massage gun trains your body system to relive and adjust to pain and stress quickly. Overall, that will lead to a quick recovery from strenuous workouts for you.

More importantly, an enhanced recovery time will result in lesser cases of injury. Your body already understands the limits and has tested them.

Say you eventually suffered an injury, you will recover quickly because of the muscle conditioning. And the chances of such limitations happening again once healed is slim. That's all thanks to massage guns.

Relieves And Removes Scar Tissue


After you have recovered from an injury, your body isn't at the peak yet. Regardless of if your muscles and joints are free of pain, you still can't move freely as you once did.

The reason for that is scar tissue. Scar tissues are collagen fibers that help guild damaged body parts. Unfortunately, they don't offer the same flexibility as your natural muscle.

So, what a massage gun does is relieve your pain even further while removing the scar tissue. When it does, your muscle will regain its natural vigor and elasticity.

Improves Blood Circulation


As massage guns work up your muscle, they also improve blood circulation within your body system. While in action, the actions of the tool release body fluids within your muscle.

When that opens, your blood vessels open up, and bodily fluids flow freely and quickly. The best part is that the freedom of flow also means more production of blood, which also means more nutrients for your body.

Overall, a massage gun will open up your vessels, increase the production of nutrients, and boost your circulatory system.

Pain Relief


While massage guns help your body adapt to your workout routine for quick recovery, they also function as pain relievers. Without first reducing the pain, your muscles can not adjust to your exercises.

So, a massage gun through its vibration channels blood and nutrients to your muscle. By doing so, the tool massages the pain out of your body system using the circulatory system.

Improves Energy Level


Remember that a massage gun increases the flow of blood in your body. But it doesn't stop there. The free and fast circulatory system also results in improved energy levels. How?

When your body produces lesser oxygen (blood) because of clogged vessels, the brain starts converting its lactase base to energy to help you cope with your workouts. Unfortunately, lactase soon converts to lactic acid, which induces muscle soreness and fatigue. That is when you feel tired and develop cramps.

To avoid the said complications, a massage gun improves your circulatory system. And with an improved blood flow, the brain will not convert lactase. In other words, you will have fewer lactic acid in your body, hence, improved energy level.

Enhances The Nervous Coordination


The brain controls the activities of the body through muscles and fluids. Without adequate circulatory and muscular systems, the chances are that you might suffer lapses in your sports or even routine activities.

Thanks to massage guns, you won't have to worry about lapses. They ease your nervous system by improving muscular activities, as well as blood flow.

In the end, you will realize faster responses from your brain. And all that benefits will cost no extra charges hiring a therapy expert; you only need your massage gun.

Improves Overall Wellness


When you experience lesser pains, recover from injury fast, and have a free flow of blood, you attain overall well-being. Beyond those wellness benefits, a massage gun also helps alleviate specific issues such as:

  • Lymphedema - is a condition where the lymph in the bloodstream suffers inadequate flow system.
  • Ischemia - is a condition where the muscle receives an inadequate supply of blood. It often leads to spasms and stiffness.
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders

In the end, the best way to enjoy the benefits of a massage gun is to invest in the right one. Find a trusted brand and even a supplier like Sensu and watch how you achieve your goals without stress.

Last note: when using a massage gun, don't spend minutes working on a spot. Instead, circulate the tool over your body.