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  • 9-in-1 Foam Roller Set

    9-in-1 Foam Roller Set

    • SAY “SEE YA” TO SORENESS – Suffering from post-workout soreness leaves muscles stiff and painful for days. Get rapid relief from head to toe when you use the 9-in-1 foam roller kit. With Sensu, you can massage, stretch, and roll the pain away!
    • TOTAL-BODY RELIEF – No matter where you hurt, this 9-in-1 foam rollers set can help. Release deep-tissue pain with the foam roller, massage stick, lacrosse ball, or spikey ball. Tight muscles don’t stand a chance when you use the 3 resistance bands for stretching. And for your back pain, the peanut ball has got your back.
    • THE TRAVEL-FRIENDLY MASSAGER – Your sore muscles travel with you, so your massage roller set should, too. Bring your favorite natural pain reliever to the gym, on the road, and everywhere in between—the muscle rollers set comes with its own carrying bag!
    • MORE THAN A MASSAGE – Your massage foam-roller kit doesn’t stop at pain relief. Recover faster, perform better, and prevent injuries with Sensu, so you can crush your next workout! Plus, massage rollers are known to help break up scar tissue, increase flexibility, improve mobility, and even aid rehabilitation.
    • A WARRANTY THAT MUSCLES UP – We promise that this foam roller set for muscles is as tough as you, helping you rest, recover, and rehabilitate thanks to the superior quality and design of every piece. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you get endless massages with Sensu!

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    Features And Benefits


    Water Resistant surfaces Makes cleaning easy

    High Quality, Durable materials

    Comes with its own carry bag


    • Prevent Injury
    • Enhance Range of Motion
    • Break Up Scar Tissue
    • Improve Muscle-Soreness Recovery
    • Reduce Inflammation
    • Relaxes the body for better sleep

    Get on the Ball with Your At-Home Massages

    Lacrosse Ball

    This is a tough one to crack. Made of dense, hard rubber, the lacrosse ball is durable enough to relieve fatigue and soreness exactly where you need it most.

    Spiky Ball

    When you need that extra push to get back to 100%, the spiky ball delivers an incredible myofascial massage and increases blood flow to your muscles’ connective tissue, a vital process in helping them heal.

    Peanut Ball

    Dig deep into both sides of your spine and neck without putting any injury-causing pressure on your bones. The peanut ball is designed to cradle and stabilize your spine.

    Foam for the Earth

    After a lifetime of reduced pain and stiffness, it’s time to say goodbye to your exercise foam roller set. Let it go without the guilt since the peanut ball and foam roller are made from EPP—a recyclable foam.

    Get Better with Bands

    Whether you need to stretch or strengthen, the 3 resistance bands are where it’s at. Choose between the lightweight blue (10–15 lbs.), mediumweight yellow (15–20 lbs.), and heavyweight red (25–30 lbs.) to feel a burn or stretch you wouldn’t believe.

    Pain-Relieving Gift

    Have a fit friend or partner who is always complaining after a workout? Give the gift of at-home massages that relieve their tension with a gift of Sensu’s fitness rollers deep-tissue massage set!

    Product Description

    Why Stay Sore when You Can Roll with Sensu?

    After an intense gym session, simple tasks like walking or getting dressed become difficult. Don’t just tough it out! Roll it out with the massage foam roller set by Sensu. With 9 pieces this Muscle Roller Set is designed to target deep-tissue pain, trigger points, fascia, and more, you grow stronger and more relaxed with every massage.

    Let’s Get Rolling

    Your foam roller can break up scar tissue and accelerates the healing process for larger muscle groups, foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your warm-up or cooldown, before and after exercise.

    Band Together to Resist Post-Workout Tightness

    Don’t overlook a resistance-band workout or stretch. Personalize each exercise with 3 different bands:

    • Blue: Light 10–15 lbs. band
    • Yellow: Medium 15–20 lbs. band
    • Red: Heavy 25–30 lbs. band

    Have a Ball

    Up your ball game with the 3 massage balls!
    The peanut ball stabilizes the spine as you roll out your back and neck.
    Improve the myofascial system and increase blood flow with the PVC spikey ball.
    Rid muscle fatigue and soreness with the durable and dense rubber lacrosse ball.

    Eco-Friendly Foam

    Foam that’s lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly? That’s what the foam roller and peanut ball are made of. Recyclable and free from nasty chemicals, EPP foam gives you the sturdiness you need in massagers without harming the environment.

    When the suffering stops, real workouts can happen. Massage the pain away with the Sensu 9-in-1 Foam Roller Set when you add one to your cart TODAY!

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