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  • Large Yoga Mat - 6’ x 4’ x 9mm
  • Large Yoga Mat - 6’ x 4’ x 9mm

    Large Yoga Mat - 6’ x 4’ x 9mm

    • TURN ANY UNFORGIVING SURFACE INTO A SACRED WORKOUT SPACE – Move freely without restriction, and without the pain of hard floors from thin tiny yoga mats with this 6’x4’ portable workout space by Sensu! Its extra thick, comes with Carry Bag, Large Yoga Towel and Mat Grips which allows you to go anywhere and always move with freedom!
    • 30% MORE CUSHION – Most yoga mats like this are 7mm thick, but ours is 9mm! While it may not sound like much, your joints, elbows and knees will feel better for it when doing your exercises, and will enjoy the extra comfort from hard floors. That extra 2mm thickness ensures the best combo of comfort and stability. Need more softness? We include a soft large microfiber yoga towel for you to use on top!
    • A SAFER TRAINING MAT – Goodbye smelly, unhealthy PVC. And hello odorless, non-toxic 16P-ECO! Not only is it a non-slip mat for all exercise, but it’s free from the 16 types of Harmful Phthalates, Biodegradable and is also kid safe! We also include 4x Sticky Grips for extra stability if you decide you need it.
    • TRAVELS WITH YOU – While other brands make you wrestle with transporting your wide yoga mat, Sensu helps you take this one anywhere! Roll it up and secure it with the Velcro straps, then, slide it easily in the large opening of your waterproof carry bag. Zip it, adjust the comfy straps and carry it anywhere. The non-absorbent surface is also easy to clean. Simply wipe sweat or water with a cloth.
    • WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY – This large, thick yoga mat, is made for barefoot or ballet slippers only (no shoes) and perfect for Pilates, yoga and other low impact / low intensity activity like stretching, meditating or a little Savasana recharge. And when you do that, it’ll last a lifetime without damage! So, forget about mats that don’t let you fully move, or interlocking foam tiles and try the Sensu Mat now.

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    Also Comes With Sticky Mat Grips!

    Your Yoga Mat is already non-slip, but just in case you have polished concrete, or, to protect the corners from curling after years of use we include 4 grippy “corners” to add even more non-slip grip to your mat.

    30% Thicker For MORE Comfort AND Stability

    Most Yoga Mats are 7mm, but this one is 9mm thick! And while 2mm may not sound like much, it means a lot to those joints that needs the extra cushion, without sacrificing stability.

    Comes With Practical Carry Bag

    This carry bag has many features such as it being waterproof, large opening, adjustable strap and a double zipper design. Simply Take Your Workout Mat Anywhere, Protect it From Dirt, and Store it Away Tidy!

    Product Description

    With 30% MORE Comfort! Turn Any Unforgiving Surface into a Sacred Workout Space!

    For those who don’t want the fuss of interlocking tiles, and for anyone who needs room to spread their wings (and limbs) you’ve probably seen the latest in large yoga and workout mats. But for anyone who suffers with knee or joint pain, those exercise mats are still a bit hard. So, we created a large workout/yoga/ Pilates mat with 30% Extra Cushion! And while that 2mm extra padding seems small, you’ll be surprised to know it makes a BIG difference in comfort, without sacrificing stability.

    • 72"x 48" (6 x 4 foot) Wide Yoga Mat
    • Work Out Mat Comes with Carry Bag, Towel and Floor Grips
    • 9mm Thick Padding - 30% More Cushion than Other Workout Mats for Home
    • The Perfect Balance Between Cushion and Stability
    • Made from 16P-ECO! Non-toxic Foam Workout Mat and Free from the 16 Kinds of Phthalates!
    • 100% Odorless Exercise and Stretching Mat
    • Safe for Kids, Pets and Newborn Babies.
    • Comes with 4 Big Yoga Mat Grips for Carpet, Marble, Tiles, Hardwood and Concrete if Needed!
    • Adjustable Straps and Double Zippered Carry Bag Make Your Mat Easily Portable!
    • Designed for Barefoot Exercise, Ballet Shoes or other Soft Foot Coverings
    • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable At The End of Its Useful Life
    • Non-absorbent and Easy To Clean. Just Wipe with a Cloth!

    Whether it’s for bodyweight exercise or barefoot exercise like yoga, strength or rehab, on slippery carpet or unforgiving tile floors, in a park or your garage, anyone can turn any unforgiving surface into a sacred workout space.

    So, why not try it now from Sensu., and move freely!


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