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Best Home Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Over the last 12 months, most of the world has been at home. Unfortunately, for many, that has led to increased body fat, which can also often affect their mental well-being.

There is nothing worse than feeling your waistline grow and no longer fitting into the clothes you used to love wearing. 

But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

There are many ways to stay active from the comfort of our home. The truth is, you don’t need a gym to stay healthy, and we are going to show you how with some great exercises! 

Running and walking 

The main reason for excess belly fat is consuming more calories than we burn. However, one of the best ways to burn calories is by running and walking. If you have a garden or even some space in the house, you can run or walk and burn many calories. 

Moreover, if you don’t have much space in your house, a great option is to run on the spot. There are numerous benefits from running on the spot, mainly because it puts less stress on the joints and burns plenty of calories. 

You could burn up to 500 calories from an hour of on the spot running, and you’ll soon lose weight doing that. Therefore, it’s a pretty simple, yet effective way to lose some of that unwanted belly fat. 


Burpees are a classic fat burner, and they are ideal for building muscle tone and endurance. Furthermore, burpees will directly target your core, chest, quads, triceps, and glutes. 

Besides, burpees are also a plyometric movement, so they will get your heart pumping fast if you are going hard. 

It is essential to maintain the correct form when doing burpees. That means pushing your hands into the floor to lift in the air and raising your hands over your head to complete the movement. 

On average, every 100 burpees will burn 50 calories. 

Turkish get-up

Turkish get-ups are a 200-year-old exercise that targets your entire body and causes dramatic calorie and fat burning. But, you will need a kettlebell to complete the exercise. 

Although the exercise can be a little complicated, it is an essential exercise for fat burning. Once you’ve mastered the movement, you will see total-body conditioning, and it will blast your body fat. 

The movement is a favourite with numerous celebrity trainers and fantastic for building muscle mass and tone. 

Russian twists

Russian twists are an excellent core exercise that will blast your belly fat in no time at all. These exercises will hammer your core muscles, which brings those dream 6-pack abdominals, and will help stability and movement in several other activities. 

Also, if you perform these exercises with a heavy exercise ball, you’ll burn many calories. They are demanding movements that include rotating your torso from side to side while holding your feet off the ground in a sit-up position. 

While you’re performing the exercise, make sure you hold the exercise ball at chest height. Lean backwards, keep a tall spine, and maintain your torso at a 45-degree angle. Make sure you squeeze as much as possible to hammer those core muscles. 

Mountain climbers 

Mountain climbers are a classic fat burner exercise. It is a challenging exercise, but that’s great because you will burn many calories. Your core has to work extremely hard to support your body in that position, so you’ll also hit the abdominal muscles.

Furthermore, mountain climbers are excellent for your shoulder and legs muscles because of the constant work needed to support the body. 

Plus, because of the knees’ constant movement, you also get a fabulous cardio workout and burn plenty of fat as a result. 

Medicine ball slam 

Although you’ll make plenty of noise performing medicine ball slams, they are a tremendous fat burner exercise. Make sure you have an excellent medicine ball with plenty of weight.

The faster you can pick up and throw the ball, the more calories that you will burn. Make sure you give it the ultimate power, and you’ll elevate your heart date and decrease belly fat. 

Also, the exercise is superb for building muscle because you are putting a lot of power into your neck, hips, shoulders, and arms. Besides, if you’re looking for dream 6-pack abdominals, medicine ball slams are great for you. 

Final thoughts 

Many people believe you needed a gym to burn fat and stay healthy. But that isn’t true. With the right exercises, like the ones mentioned in this article, you can lose unwanted weight, and stay in shape.

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